SuSE 9 "Starting service MySQL failed"

From: R S Prigan (
Date: 01/09/04

Date: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 02:45:36 GMT

in SuSE 9.0  I am getting this message
"Starting service MySQL  failed"
in boot.msg

... but it works?!

MySQL server version: 4.0.15-Max
from SuSE 9 installation

Is this just the first time it tries to load and then it suceeds later?? or
is is something related to a script that misses mysql-maxd??

the running processes are  mysqld-max

Needless to say This message bothers me!

Any help explaining and getting rid of this message appreciated!

(I DID find something in the Suse KB about issue in 7.1)


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