Re: Why is Linux so slow?

From: Sinister Midget (
Date: 01/17/04

Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 07:54:33 GMT

On 2004-01-17, Gilbert <> blubbered:
> I've just installed SUSE 9.0 Linux on my P4 based system with 1
> gigabyte of memory and it seems to really run slow.
> I took a default install and I am using kde.
> I also notice that sound skips terribly when playing any video using
> kaffine which appears to be a wrapper for mplayer.
> Also why does it take so long to display a directory of a couple of
> thousand files?
> With WinXP this takes a second or two but with Linux it can take up to
> 15 seconds or more.
> One last thing is that I am finding networking to be very slow with
> Linux.
> Transferring files from Windows machines to Linux and back seems to
> take forever.
> I have an Asus P4P800 board with 1 gig of memory of it matters.

My sympathies. The Windoze group, where they can solve all of your
problems, is that way --------------------->

Ask for Gagwadd and Kaiser Snorze when you get there.

MS could solve all their problems tomorrow regarding security and
stability and I wouldn't use them more than I have to now because for
years they fed me cow shit and told me it was cake.