Re: nvidia driver problem on suse 9

From: JPB (
Date: 02/22/04

Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 10:04:23 +1000

Chris Widmer wrote:
> hi,
> i've just installed the newest version of the nvidia driver (1.0-5332)
> for my Geforce 4 ti4400.
> i went to runlevel 3, executed the shell script (after i've installed
> and updated the kernel source) and went through the installation fine.
> when i tried to run sax -m 0=nvidia the screen turns black and stays
> that way. i can run this command using kde, though.
> my XF86Config tells me that the right driver is installed (see below):
> i don't have 3d Acceleration though. Games run really crappy and with
> gfxgears i get like 5fps, where i usually get 300. how can i activate
> opengl support (it won't let me activate it in sax2).
> 3Ddiag gives me a false for nvidia (verifying driver installation) (see
> below):
> please help!

I had exactly the same problem (same video card, SuSE 9.0 Pro) after I
was forced to rebuild my hard drive post a power failure. I went and
downloaded the latest Nvidia driver, which installed without problems -
but produced black screens intermittently on logout from a GUI (be it
KDE or Gnome).

As I had previously run the Nvidia driver with no hassle, I then
uninstalled it and installed version 4496 instead - the one I had
usedbefore. Since then, I have not had a problem, and the 3D
acceleration works fine also (no Sax2 misleading messages about needing
Nvidia drivers).