Printer Suddenly Stopped Working

From: Mike Gratis (
Date: 02/23/04

Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 04:24:47 GMT

I'm using SuSE w/KDE 3.2 and up until today haven't had any problems
printing. My printing system uses CUPS and TurboPrint, though I've also
tried things without TP. Today I tried to print a web page and nothing
happened. A check of other programs, as well as trying things through YAST
shows that my print system seems to be broken. The printer (Canon i850) is
seen through YAST; but no commands seem to be sent to it. If I check my
Print Manager, I can see that files are sitting there waiting to be

After playing around with different settings, as well as deleting the
printer and then adding it back, I figured that I'd uninstall some programs
that I'd installed earlier in the week (GnuCash and associated Gnome
files), thinking that maybe that was the problem; but that didn't help.
Then I uninstalled and re-installed CUPS; but still no go. At this point
I'm open for suggestions, as I don't know where the problem lies or the
best way to track it down.

Mike Gratis