Re: The twisted world of The Typical Linux Nutcase.

From: D o t a u (spam69_at_tpg.comdotau)
Date: 03/01/04

Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 12:33:06 +1100

"Pete Mycock" <> wrote in message
> WOW!
> I post a single message expressing my frustration over the documented
> failure of Linux to properly support a very popular motherboard and
> the screwballs come out of the wood work like some kind of army of
> misguided ants heading for a picnic.
> So far I have seen lot's of name calling, topic diverting and just
> plain lying but still no concrete solution to my situation.
> Maybe this is why Linux is still a fringe OS catering to nutcases and
> anti-commercial hippies of the 2000's.
> Like I stated, this board worked right from the start with Windows XP
> and in fact works very nice.
> Linux can't seem to match Windows support of common, popular hardware
> so how on earth can anyone expect Linux to achieve any sort of market
> share?
> I predict Linux will stay exactly where it is now, in the back room
> running on servers, as long as they don't use via6410 chipsets and
> managed by a team of geeks that never see the real world and thus have
> no clue, what is going on.
> Much like the creatures of COLA.

Spot on!

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