Re: SuSE 9 is bugware?

From: anc (
Date: 03/11/04

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 21:21:31 +0000

Stig Mogensen wrote:

> Am I the only one, experiencing problems, after running the kernel and
> Xfree update, through YOU ??
> After upgrading, and following the procedures as described by SuSE,
> following has been lost on my system;
> Sound
> CUPS printing through Konqueror
> 3D support
> OpenGL support
> SuSEs "online support", cannot assist me in installing the nVidia driver,
> as it is third party. Now they wont help me in finding out why sound
> suddenly doesn't work far as I see it, SuSE broke my OS,
> and now leave me to clean up their mess.
> Time to try out Fedora1 perhaps?
> Kind regards,
> Stig

Regarding the sound problem what sound card make and model are you using?
Are you using alsa or oss and what kernel modules are loaded?
You may need to monitor /var/log/messages then use rcalsasound stop then
rcalsasound start to reveal some clue about what has happened to your sound
 ( that is if alsa is being used).

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