Continuing problems

From: Stig Mogensen (
Date: 03/16/04

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 23:57:36 +0100

I run SuSE9 used to work perfectly, up untill YOU decided to
install a new kernel, and Xfree.....since then I've had loads of problems.

I've managed to get 3D to work again, on my G4 TI-4800SE, and Glxgears runs
at appr. 6500 FPS.....a sign that hardwareaccelaration is fine and working?
Even though 3Ddiag fails at finding my driver(see below). I've looked
through /var/log/nvidia-installer, and everything looked fine.

But why am I still not able to use Mplayer in full screen mode? it just uses
the same screensize for the filmclip, and puts a black frame around the
picture....both when pressing "F", and when setting fs=yes in the config

Any hints?

*****copy paste being*********
stig@linux:~> 3Ddiag
3Ddiag version 0.703
Verifying 3D configuration:
Using 3dinfo

Verifying 3D configuration based on XFree86 4 for 3D board
"nVidia Corporation GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE (10de@0282)":

Verifying driver installation:
  nvidia ... failed!
======================= !!! WARNING !!! ========================
Due to license issues only a Dummy Nvidia 2D/3D driver with
Software 3D/OpenGL rendering is provided. Please download
the official 2D/3D Nvidia driver from the nVidia webserver
(, if you want to use 3D hardware
accelerated 3D/OpenGL.

Test for correct XFree86 version ... done.

Tests for XFree86 configuration:
  Config File /etc/X11/XF86Config ... done.
  Driver ... done.
  Color Depth ... done.
  Extensions ... done.
  Options ... done.

Checking GL/GLU/glut runtime configuration:
  GL/GLU ... done (package XFree86-Mesa)
  glut ... done (package mesaglut)