Re: Kmail shared directory

From: Carl Sanderson (
Date: 04/22/04

Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 21:59:20 +1200

Carl Sanderson wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am runing suse 9.0 with KDE 3.1.4 and I want to share my
> /home/<user>/Mail and sub directories amongst the three users on my
> machine.
> The intention is that all of us use the one e-mail account and
> send-receieve etc but have most if not all other apps independent.
> So far I have /home/A/Mail - Mail dir was created for theis user.
> I then created soft links;
> ln -s /home/A/Mail /home/B/Mail
> ln -s /home/A/Mail /home/C/Mail
> Created a group called mailers
> chown -R A:mailers /home/B/Mail
> chown -R A:mailers /home/C/Mail
> Then changed permissions on dirs
> chmod -R 775 /home/B/Mail
> chmod -R 775 /home/C/Mail
> I log in as user B and start KMail. It errors out with a message along
> the lines of 'Can't create dir inbox'.
> If I cd into /home/B/Mail I see all the files and subdirs that are in the
> original directory.
> Can anyone help me with my sharing issue? I sure could do with a little
> help on it.
> tia
> Carl
Thanks to you all for the advice. In the end I logged in as each user and
created the link as the user back to the original Mail dir. This worked a

On to getting xine and mplayer going.....