Can 9.1 Pro recognize the Silicon Image 3112 RAID controller?

From: Scott Gardner (
Date: 06/04/04

Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 19:57:20 -0400

I just installed 9.1 Pro, and it's working well, but I can't get it to
recognize my Windows partition.

Here's how my drives are organized. I have two SATA 80 GB drives in a RAID
0 array on a Silicon Image 3112 on-chip controller. This is where my
Windows XP installation resides. I also have a 45 GB IDE drive with the
9.1 installation on it. I'm doing a crude dual-boot by selecting in the
BIOS whether to boot from the RAID array or the 45 GB drive, and then
rebooting the computer to start the desired operating system.

9.1 recognizes the two 80 GB SATA drives as individual drives, but not as a
RAID array. As such, I can't access any of the files from my Windows
partition while running Linux.

Is there any way for 9.1 to recognize the RAID array on the SI 3112
controller? If not, I think my only option is to back up the RAID array,
and format/reconfigure the two SATA drives as two individual drives, with
XP/Windows applications on one, and my data files on the other.

Scott Gardner