Re: newb install new samba?

From: AC (aec$
Date: 06/05/04

Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 15:25:44 +0100

In article <c9rvio$9h3$>, Paul Robson <autismuk@au> writes
>AC wrote:
>> I find that my 9.1 network (samba) does not seem to be working much at
>> all, and reassuringly for me as a newb ther are lots of discussions
>> about this very topic  by more experienced folk, and a new version of
>> samba seems to be now available.
>Have you checked the physical hardware works - can you ping the other
>machines ?
>Each machine has an address which is expressed in its base form as a number
>e.g. (this is the localhost - your machine) called the IP
>Address. If you find these addresses, open a console on your machine and
>it will try to contact the cards. The other thing is, are you still using
>NetBEUI on the Windows machines, not TCP/IP.
>I've just started experimenting with Samba on a wireless net ; my card is
>connected to a Wireless hub and I've two XP boxes with wireless cards, and
>it all worked straight out of the box.

Thanks. All IP addresses are ok, and I use tcp/ip anyway. It was easier
to give the suse machine a fixed ip initially while I was getting to
understand what samba needed, and shares - and the slightly different
terminology used in linux. Life is slightly more complicated since I run
local firewalls on the windows machines - I like to control exactly
*what* tries to get back in contact with the whole bunch of motherships
that exist for programs that are used, but now it seems samba is

Interestingly, the linux machine now highlighted a problem with the
shared folders on one of the windowboxes - easy to sort out, but the
windowboxes had obscured the problem. It is feels good to get things

All may not be quite perfect yet, though, since on the workgroup a win98
box does not have a password sign-on, and although it is indicated on
the linux box, when access is attempted from the linux box, the kde
'internal' error is displayed (1), rather than a (probably) more
appropriate - access is not available/denied (which is what the XP
machine says).

Error - Konquerer
Internal error:
Please send a full bug report at
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