Re: installing SUSE 9.1 over windows XP

From: redeamer (
Date: 06/09/04

Date: 9 Jun 2004 02:18:43 -0700


Using Magic i have partitioned my harddrive giving 15 GB to Linux
partition Ext2/3
and its swap partition 500 MB. In a bootmagic i have added the Ext2/3
partition to the Run Time menu and did a reboot with the DVD needed to
install SUSE on a 64 bit Athlon AMD processor. Suse perfectly
recognized the partitions created for it and the install took some 25
min, then it rebooted automatically. During the reboot i discarded the
DVD. And after that i have entered XP BootMagic and deleted previously
set partition space for linux from menu bar, went to Edit/Add/Advanced
to readd it
there (In the BootMagik Add OS) i saw following (after clicking on
Linux Ext2/3 ---> OK):


USED OS Name Volume Name Partition type Disk
Yes WinNT/2000/XP NTFS 1
No Unknown Linux Swap 1
Yes -"- Linux Ext2/3 -"-
No -"- ExtendedX -"- Ext
No -"- FAT32 -"-


Yes in front of Linux Ext is because i have added it to the Runtime
menu. And FAT32 was needed to run BootMagic.

When after restart i chose the Unknown alternative (or the Linux OS,
inerestingly why it appears as Unknown and not as smthg like
Linux/Suse similarily to WinNT/2000/XP) following text appeared:


and nothing happened i waited for some 5 minutes.
no problems with entering my WinXP but gosh i want LINUX, i know it is
in my mahine:)

Can you please help me out of this situation.

---> Drew