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From: baskitcaise (
Date: 06/19/04

Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 08:17:54 +0100

Scott Leighton adjusted his tin foil beanie and asbestos underwear to

> What I've since figured out is that the YOU update apparently
> 'updated' KDELib with an update to the earlier version, not the 3.2.3
> version of KDE I had used Yast to upgrade to last week. I had to use
> Yast to re-apply the 3.2.3 upgrade to get KMail working again.
> Where I'm confused is in how YOU and Yast work (or don't work)
> together. It doesn't make sense to me that YOU would apply a patch to
> an earlier version when it should detect that the system isn't running
> that version.
> Do the two not work together? Am I going to have to manually keep
> track of this version stuff to avoid conflicts like I just
> experienced?

Hi Scott,

What you should do in YOU is after it gets the update descriptions and
shows you what is new in the left pane click on each and in the right
pane it will give info on the version installed and the version being
offered, compare which is newer and if "installed" is newer then
deselect it in the right pane.

The packages held on the update servers use the default Suse packages
contained on the install medium as a base list and only offer updates
to them, if you start installing packages other than the ones it knows
about you start getting into a bit of a problem ( Suse does not scan
your system, report home, and then offer updates to your specific
software versions ).

Where Yast and YOU fall down is when you start compiling stuff from
source or install bleeding edge stuff that is not in the default list,
and can cause major headaches unless you keep track yourself.

If you want to start going from the default packs and try the newer,
sometimes bleeding edge stuff then have a look at apt:-

Apt will do all the normal stuff that YOU does ( SuSE security updates )
and lots more.

Apt will try and sort the dependency hell out for you that can occur if
at all possible.

Beware though that depending on what you have installed or manually
updated Apt can and will trash your system until you get all sorted
out, it is best to start with a clean system.

I normally use some software that is compiled from source that can throw
Yast, YOU and Apt into complete fits if I do not watch what I am doing,
however as I installed Apt on this system ( 9.1 ) when it was
relatively standard it has worked flawless, but you stll need to be
vigilant with what you choose to update and trim the source list to
your own liking.

As always read, read and read again the very Fine manual, inwardly
digest and then read again.

Synaptic, kynaptic are GUI front ends for Apt that do make life easier
for the noob but once you are happy with the setup the command line is
quicker ( for me :).


Ps. hope that makes sense, the coffee has not percolated into the system
yet :)

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