Nvidia graphics

From: iain (_at_myaddress.co.uk)
Date: 06/24/04

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 11:06:30 +0100


Running 9.1 on an Athlon system with a Biostar m/b using onboard Gforce4
MX graphics. Set up with the nvidia driver (release 5336) - and it all
works, 3D and everything. Only problem is that I can't use the consoles
(Alt-F1 to Alt-F6) because the screen is messed up. I can still pull up
a terminal window, but if i wanted to shut the X=-window server down I
have no console.
The screen looks as if it is trying to operate in a very low graphics
mode - and failing!
What controls the screen in this mode? Is it in the XF86Config file?


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