Re: bad experience with Suse 9.1 on Inspiron 8200

From: David Wright (
Date: 07/11/04

Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 19:30:09 +0200

perfb wrote:

>> AFAIAC, this was a 'feature'
>> and not a bug -- turn around is fair play: if you have a Linux box and
>> then install Windows on it, you can no longer boot Linux, so it's only
>> fair that if you have a Windows box and install Linux on it, Windows
>> should no longer boot. :-)
> granted, the Linux dual-boot option is a nice feature that Windows
> does not have. But Windows doesn't need it, whereas Linux *requires*
> it, practically speaking.

Why does Linux require it? I've installed Linux on over 20 machines now and
none of them have ever required dual-boot...

> And if it doesnt work in some cases, whose problem
> is it? And is not just an incidental nicety for Linux, it is a
> practical *necessity* to have such a feature for Linux, for 90% or
> so of the present Linux users. Maybe, one hopes, in a few more years,
> this will not be so much the case.

The users, they are the ones left with the mess... Microsoft could easily
fix the bug by using the industry standards and dropping their proprietary
standards ;-)

> Therefore, imho, the dual-boot is a *critical* feature,
> which *must* work as robustly as possible.

In my experience, a redundant feature. The last dual boot machine I had was
in 2000, a Windows 98/Windows 2000 trial; and when trying to de-install the
trial, it hosed the 98 partition as well...

> Anyway, I am pretty impressed with how well it does in fact work.

> Once I recovered, I reinstalled Suse skipping the automatic
> patch download step, and the install completed ok,
> and dualboot now works.
> Now M$ is that much closer to being a vestigial wart on my PC!

Yep, I've got 2 of my machines permanently on SuSE, I'm about to try Debian
on a third, and the new machine (AMD64) has swappable hard drives for
Windows XP and SuSE 64bit. Oh, and the main SuSE machine is running as a
Windows PDC ;-)

But until my customers all switch to Linux, I'll need to keep Windows as an
option... Or until Microsoft realise they've had a hefty kick up the
backside and respond with something worth keeping...

(I am not anti-Microsoft/Windows per se, but when better and more economical
tools are available...)


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