Re: RH vs SUSE

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Date: 07/12/04

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 04:40:23 GMT

If you type "make" @ any shell and you get a response saying something like
"Command not found.", chances are either you don't have make package
installed or your environment PATH does not include where make is
installed. On a SuSE-9.1 system, you can use rpm to check if make package
is installed, i.e rpm -q make. If rpm says make package is installed, you
can try to have the rpm list the make package, i.e. rpm -ql make, and
locate where make file is installed. Then, check your PATH environment to
see if it includes the path where make file is installed.

cybercrypt13 wrote:

> Well,
> I went and did it.  I switched from RH 9 to SUSE 9.1 and now I'm starting
> to regret it.  Hopefully someone here can help me out or point me to
> somewhere I might get some help.
> First of all where the heck is "make"?  I'm use to the gcc and g++
> compilers but SUSE obviously uses cpp or something.  But when I'm trying
> to compile software I run configure and when I run make it gives command
> not found. Man pages for it exist but it won't run...
> Secondly, I am use to redhat when starting and stopping services from the
> command prompt you just type service network restart or whatever you are
> trying to do.  SUSE doesn't have this service so do you have to start up
> services manually or is there a similar command in SUSE?
> Thanks,
> --glenn