Re: How to switch desktop environments?

From: Harold Stevens (wookie_at_deuce.localdomain)
Date: 07/23/04

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    Date: 23 Jul 2004 00:07:19 GMT

    In <IwWLc.17141$Fj6.10522@lakeread07>, newcastle:


    > My problem is that there is no "Session Type" option at the login screen.

    Actually, a "Menu" to get to "Session Type" (sorry--I wasn't clear).

    If you look at your X login screen (console number 7) you should see the
    "Username" and "Password" entry window. At the bottom right of this, you
    should see a dropdown available ("Menu").

      Menu -> Session Type -> managers ("Default", "Custom", "FVWM", etc.)

    If you don't see this at all, I'm really stumped. :)

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