Re: Motif or GTK ?

From: ray (
Date: 07/24/04

Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 15:35:38 -0600

On Sat, 24 Jul 2004 19:12:10 +0000, Larry I Smith wrote:

> Scrubbing Bubbles wrote:
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>> Mark Marsella wrote:
>>>Scrubbing Bubbles wrote:
>>>>I was trying to download the Eclipse 3.0 platform for Linux.
>>>>The page had two choices: Motif or GTK.
>>>>What does that mean and how do i know ?
>>>They are both graphical toolkits, widgets etc. GTK is the Gnome toolkit
>>>and Motif is another older toolkit afair.
>> So, sounds like I should use GTK
> If you're running the default SuSE KDE desktop,
> then you'll have to make sure that you've installed GNOME
> (via YaST) from the SuSE CD's. You may also need to
> install the GNOME/GTK Development libs - depends on what
> Eclipse requires (the Eclipse Web site should have that info).
> Regards,
> Larry

It's also true that SuSE used to (and I assume still does) supply Motif in
it's distributions - only major linux distro I know of that does/did. You
maight also be aware that although Motif is freely distributable, it is
not open source. There is, in development, an open source alternative
called lesstif. I would recommend GTK. Later you may want to try Motif.
I've been an X/Motif programmer under Unix and Linux for about 15 years. I
usually install Motif on most linux distros I run, because I have some
really good libraries that have evolved over the years based on Motif. For
most recent software development on my personal systems (as opposed to
work) I have used GTK instead.