Support Linux Printing - Email Vendors

From: filesiteguy (abuse_at_127.0.0.1)
Date: 07/29/04

Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 08:05:15 -0700

Okay. It is a known fact, then that vendor support for printers is
less than optimal. I say we then let the printer manufacturers know
that there is a market for Linux printer drivers and that we would
purchase printers (and the resulting consumables) if the vendors
supplied the printers.

This can be done by writing the manufacturers directly and asking what
type of Linux support they provide and by letting them know in a
positive manner that purchases are in order if they will provide the

Here are links to the sales and support requests for several
manufacturers. Go ahead and write them. Do so every week. Do so from
different email address - you can always use a throwaway. Hopefully
there will be a renewal in interest in supplying drivers and support.

Since I am in the US, I am providing links to the US Sites. There are
also options for most other countries. Well, maybe not Liechtenstein,
but MOST other countries should be represented.


This form is for the CX6400 All In One. You can click on other items.

This is for the BJC 7000 Series printers

This is a pre-sales request form...,6907,204816596_237452721_0_en,00.html#

I still have my Brother typewriter, which I bought back in 6th grade
in '81. (Of course I also still have my TRS-80 which I bought the same
year, but I don't think they provide Linux support...)

I think I've hit on the major SOHO manufacturers. I have sent in my
requests under my primary address. I will do so again from various
other addresses.

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g2004 at