Graphical Yast2 Stops Working

From: Howard J. Rogers (
Date: 08/25/04

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 21:12:12 +1000

Suse 9.1. Fresh install. When I purchased Suse, the vendor also sold me a CD
containing patches and errata. If I do an Online Update, specify this CD,
and let it install everything it recommends, it all goes beautifully...
except for complaining about not being able to install the patches for
Gnokii (whatever that is) and Yast Package Manager.

I skip both of those.

The rest of the patches proceeds smoothly, and everything links fine. When
the entire thing is finished, however, Yast itself stops working properly.
It still loads. And large parts of it are still functional. But if I click
on the online update option again, it correctly prompts me for the root
password, displays the message 'Yast2 is starting up'... and then displays
a blank panel, not the one where you select your source etc etc.

So further online updates are impossible (actually, I can use the CLI
version). But I am just wondering if this is a known issue (I've searched
Google, but to no effect), or if there's anything I can do to fix the
problem up.

Obviously the patch CD is deficient in key respects. But if I can apply it,
and then fix up its breaking of Yast2, that will still save me an awful lot
of downloading. So: has anyone seen a blank screen in parts of Yast2 where
there shouldn't be, and is there a fix I can try?