Re: Recommend a newbie SUSE group?

From: John Corliss (
Date: 08/25/04

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 05:39:30 -0700

Howard J. Rogers wrote:
> John Corliss wrote:
>> Or can I get some basic questions answered here? For instance, when
>> is the next version of SUSE coming out? I looked and looked all over
>> their site, but could find nothing but got a vague feeling that it
>> might be October.
>> I had downloaded the ISOs for Debian, but then decided that they're
>> too weird about what they consider to be "free" software. Their
>> package listings at their site indicates that they don't even include
>> OpenOffice in their distro.
>> After spending a great deal of time reading evaluations of the
>> various more popular distros, SUSE stood out as the best choice.
>> I'd like to install SUSE on my system and run it concurrently with
>> Windows ME for the time being, but if the current version is about to
>> be replaced, I want to wait for it. Thus my question.
> Just my personal feeling, but having just purchased 9.1, and been extremely
> happy with it, I wouldn't wait. In this business, there is always nicer jam
> coming just the day after tomorrow... and you'd starve to death, jamless,
> if you kept waiting for "the" perfect jam to turn up!
> Once you have any version of Suse, you can keep upgrading its components as
> they become available, from the kernel itself, all the way down to
> something like OpenOffice. It will be the bundling into a coherent package
> that makes Suse 9.2 or 10 or whatever they decide to call it. But you can
> have the same set of packages yourself at any time.
> There is thus no real reason to delay the purchase.

   Thanks for replying and pointing out that I can update any time I
like. That does make a big difference.
   Kind of along that line, do you know if the free download includes
all the same drivers that the purchased version does? I've heard that
it doesn't.

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