Re: NFS and NIS on the same server?

From: Howard J. Rogers (
Date: 08/25/04

Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 06:34:13 +1000

Howard J. Rogers wrote:

> A freshly-installed Suse 9.1 server, straight off the CD (hence no
> updating done as yet).
> NFS is working fine between it and my laptop (also with Suse 9.1 on it).
> I tried configuring NIS using the Server tool provided in the Control
> Centre. I didn't change much from the defaults offered: I merely supplied
> a domain name, permitted the changing of passwords, and clicked through to
> 'Finish'. It thinks about things for a moment or three and then reports
> "Error during configuration: Error while creating database.". If I click
> the 'Details' button for this error, I get told:
> 'Failed to send 'clear' to local ypserv: RPC: Program not registered'
> I Googled for that phrase, and got a number of hits regarding NFS, but
> nothing obvious concerning NIS. And my NFS is working just fine.
> Can NFS and NIS co-exist on the one server?
> Or do I need to configure something else before NIS will work?
> Regards

Just a bit of a follow-up, by way of thanks to all who troubled to reply.
NIS doesn't work 'out of the 9.1 box'. But it works perfectly once all yp*
packages have been updated via YOU.

That, at least, is my experience, for what it's worth.