[SuSE 9.1] LVM and network

From: ElVirolo (cyberalex_at_tiscali.fr)
Date: 08/27/04

Date: 27 Aug 2004 01:40:20 -0700

Hi all!

I've just installed SuSE 9.1 Personal Edition, making sure during the
installation process that my /dev/hda4 partition (my /home) was left
unchanged. I double checked when the installation summary turned up.
However, when I tried mounting the partition after the system was
installed (with mkdir /mnt/hda4 and then mount /dev/hda4 -t ext3
/mnt/hda4 ; I also tried without the -t option), it turned up with
this error : "fs type incorrect, incorrect option, superbloc incorrect
on /dev/hda4 or two many filesystems mounted" (this probably isn't the
exact error, since it's a translation from French).

So I launched YaST, and I discovered that it had transformed my ext3
partition into a blank LVM drive (whatever it is, a logical drive ?
anyway it was blank!) ... What can I do to recover my data ?

I've also got another problem :

I connect to the Internet with an ADSL connection via a Comtrend
CT-600 router, connecter to my Ethernet card. The router doesn't have
a DHCP server for its Ethernet port, so I have to configure my network
card with a static IP (IP address: ; Mask :
; gateway: and DNS : This configuration
works absolutely fine on Windows XP, and used to work fine with
Mandrake 10.0. However, on SuSE, I can use the Internet for a few
minutes, then it stops. I can't access a web site (no error is shown,
Konqueror just doesn't do anything when I type in an address), and I
can't ping anything (except the router). I then reboot the router, and
it works for another five minutes or so (often less). It is quite
strange, because I don't know what it has to do with the router, which
should be independent. Moreover, everthing works fine under Windows
XP without changing anything !

Can anyone please help me ?

Many many thanks in advance,