Re: KDE 3.3 and Open Office - How could Suse not have tested this!

From: Rainer Frey (
Date: 08/30/04

Date: 30 Aug 2004 23:37:21 +0200

Paul J Gans <> writes:

> Agreed. But let's be nice to newbies. Many folks just buy
> the SuSE box and don't understand the different levels of
> support for various packages.
> We were all newbies once. Sometimes I think I still am.

Well, true. But a newbie will get a working, polished KDE installation
out of the SuSE box, including security and aug fixing updates. If
someone changes his system configuration to install large software
packages from experimental sources, he either ain't no newbie, or he
should be prepared for ruining his installation (which means in the
worst case reinstall from the box). I didn't mean to be rude though to
the OP. BTW, I use those KDE packages myself, though I haven't used
OpenOffice since the upgrade.

> ----- Paul J. Gans


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