Toshiba Satellite Suse 9.1 keyboard freeze.

From: Knightwise (
Date: 10/08/04

Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 07:00:53 -0500

Good morning gentlemen.

I have recently purchased a linux 9.1 proffesional distribution
And I have installed it on a TOSHIBA satellite S1400-503. The install went
just fine. I booted in KDE , did ALL the updates and patches.

 However : The keyboard tends to freeze up when I am working in KDE.
After a while there is just no response from my keyboard anymore. The
system continues to run fine
Mouse , X , network etc work excellent, its just that my keyboard is dead.

This is a problem unique to the 9.1 version, because i have tried and
tested the 9.0 version before on this laptop and everything functioned
fine. I don't want to downgrade because the wifi support in 9.0 just was
not up to specs and in the 9.1 it works fine.

 I have already looked for answers in several forums, but to no avail.


As a newbie I donít have much linux experience but I cant even try to learn
more whenever the darn keyboard dies on my all the time (and I DONíT want
to install another distro)


Could you please tell me what to do ?