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From: houghi (
Date: 10/16/04

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    Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 00:21:33 -0000

    Arthur Hagen wrote:
    > houghi <> wrote:
    >> They will also have a discusion on how to do this: perl, bash, sh,
    >> whatever and what the advantages and disadvatages are of each and
    >> every line of code.
    > Absolutely not. Writing scripts in bash is something a real sysadmin would
    > *never* consider, again for portability reasons.

    Yes, they do. (I think it is funny you did not get the joke and reacted
    so seriously.)

    >> For me, it is there and I use it. For you, you an do it in another
    >> way. That is the power of Linux. You make the choice. For others who
    >> did not know it was there, now they do and can decide for themselves.
    >> Like many things it is not OR/OR it is AND/AND
    > Except that one of the ANDs lead to a habit that will have you stumped if
    > you ever find yourself on a different system. That's why I prefer to
    > recommend the habits most compatible with ALL systems, not just SuSE.

    That is what I was saying. You make YOUR choice, I make MY choice.
    People who previously did not know about the rcwhatever now are able to
    make THEIR choice.

    Please also try to read the things I wrote with a smile. I am making fun
    of the fact that sysadmins and programmers sometime go so much into
    details discussing things that are absolute not important and that there
    are always different things to do things.
    It is almost as if they were posting on Usenet.

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