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From: Darrell Stec (
Date: 10/31/04

Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 10:15:05 -0500

markzoom wrote:
> Kevin Miller <> wrote in message news:<>...
>>markzoom wrote:
>>>I'm pissed because I have better things to do than arse around trying
>>>to get computers to work. When I bought suse8.2 about 2 years ago none
>>>of my peripheral hardware worked with it (printer, adsl modem, webcam,
>>>camera, scanners, cd burner, zilch). So now I'm back with a brandnew
>>>allegedly fully supported HP psc 2175 printer and it's scanner STILL
>>>doesn't work, nor will Firefox install. Computers might be as far as
>>>your life goes but most people have other things to do.

 From reading various forums on Sane XSane the HP PSC 2175 scanner does
work successfully. Go to Packman and download the latest Sane and Xsane
and especially LIBIEEE1284 library (if it runs off the parallel port).
You cannot use the YAST hardware scanner to set it up. After
uncommenting your printer/scanner in the CONF files make absolutely sure
the the "hpoj" is uncommented in the /etc/sane/dll.conf file. Make sure
that the devices Parport0 (of appropriate parallel port designation) and
the Port devices have a group permission that you are included if that
is applicable. Note if you need the LIBIEEE1284 library for parallel
port then you MUST use the "*" wild character instead of the actual port
designation in the back end CONF files.

If I recall correctly the SuSE 9.1 disks do not have the LIBIEEE1284
library that allows users to run the printer/scanner off ParPort0.

Those all in one things are problematic even in Windows and always have
been. For instance if electonic switches are used the unit may not be
found when switching to and from different printers. And Omni Pro OCR
software doesn't seem to like most of the all in one units.

>>Installing SuSE 8.2 is about like installing Win95 as far as features
>>go. In the last 9 years both hardware and software have come a long way
>>so it would be nuts to keep trying w/95. Same w/any of the Linux
>>distros. Linux is progressing at an even faster rate than Windows is,
>>so I'd recommend that you get a copy of 9.0 or 9.1. Or even 9.2 when it
>> is available for download. You don't have to buy it, you can download
>>it or look around for a Linux Users Group near wherever you live and see
>>if you can't get someone to copy the CDs for you. 8.2 was a good
>>distro, but the newer versions have added a lot of functionality and
>>ease of use for new comers.
> I have installed 9.1 and the scanner part of the allegedly fully
> supported multifunction printer still did not detect.

It will not detect. You have set up Sane and Xsane first. I'm still
having trouble getting my Mustek 600III Plus scanner working in SuSE 9.1
  even though using "sane-find-scanner -p" identifies it as being there.
  Debug shows it intitializing but says the port is busy. I still do
not know where to look to see what is keeping it busy, whether it is a
hardware or software problem.

> Conversly, everything runs fine in winME.
>>If I complained about the lack of features in W95 in the windows groups
>>I don't expect I'd get a lot of help or sympathy. If you want Linux to
>>work for you, get a more recent version. Many of your issues have
>>probably been addressed...
> I now have 9.1 and sorry, they are not. It's irrelevant how snazzy an
> OS is if peripherals don't work with it (even ones that are supposed
> to be supported).
> M.K.

I think that a major part of the problem is that manufactures are loath
to produce any documentation on their products and at the same time
neglect the Linux market when developing drivers. The only way around
the situation as I see it is that there must be a significant corporate
move to Linux or that individuals who have no assets and are suit-proof
hack and back engineer the Windows drivers and proliferate the Internet
with them. Those individuals who are already in development but have
assets may shy away from back engineering products from the likes of HP
or US Robotics.