Q: Network accounts problem

From: Phill Harvey-Smith (phill_at_bio.warwick.ac.uk)
Date: 11/30/04

Date: 30 Nov 2004 11:43:47 GMT


We have a network of several SGI and Linux based machines, that have the
user accounts managed by a server running SuSE 9.1 pro, using yp to manage
the accounts. This works fine most of the time and users can log in and
access their areas on any machine on this network wether it be an SGI of a
Linux box.

However if I make changes to one of the accounts on the server, for example
changing the login shell (and rebuild the yp database with cd /var/yp;
make), then the linux clients (also running either SuSE 8.2 or 9.1), fail to
notice this until they are re-booted.

However the SGI machines notice the change straight away. It is almost as if
the Linux boxes are caching the accounts locally and not refreshing and
therefore not noticing the change.

Is there some command I can run on the clients to make them notice the
change imediatly ?



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