Re: sles 8

From: David Wright (
Date: 01/22/05

Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2005 09:56:00 +0000

Miguel Lopes wrote:

> Hi I have a friend which has SLES 8 on Cds.
> Can I install it on any machine ??
> are there some kind of license for it ??
> Is it also GNU...
> thanks

SLES can be installed on any machine which has suitable hardware (remember
that this is aimed at corporate servers not desktops, so will probably have
better support for SMP motherboards and RAID controllers, but less support
for "inconsiquentials" such as USB devices, multi-function devices,
wireless, Firewire, Bluetooth, desktop software etc.).

Once installed howerver that is it. You will not be able to download any
updates without purchasing a support agreement with SuSE/Novell.

As with SuSE (and most other distributions), no it isn't 100% GNU/Open
Source - see the couple of really huge threads on the topics of SuSE
licensing that took place in December (try Google Groups, the articles have
probably expired from your local news relay).

If you are planning on installing a departmental or coporate server, then
SLES will be a good thing to try, *but* if you are installing it in a
business environment, then you will need to purchase the support agreement
as well - in which case, you'd be better off purchasing SLES 9, SLES 8 is
looking a little old these days. SLES 9 is better equipped and more
friendly than 8.

If you are looking for a corporate desktop, then look at Novell Linux
Desktop. Again, you'll need to purchase support for this separately.

If you are looking at setting up a home server or workstation then I would
say pick up a copy of SuSE 9.2. It is aimed more at the commodity hardware
and should have less issues with typical commodity PC hardware than SLES.

It is the same as the Windows market, get the OS that targets your needs
more. Would you go out and buy Windows 2003 Data Centre Edition just to
edit a few Word documents and play Doom 3?