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Date: 01/27/05

Date: 27 Jan 2005 06:33:25 -0800

I've always had trouble getting Linux right in the past (red hat,
debian). A new version of SuSE, version 9.1 on a magazine DVD seemed
right time to give it another try.

Let me tell you what happened this time.

I reinstalled SuSE Linux. This time, when asked about my video and
configuration, I left it at the default, instead of trying to change
it, as
I did the first time. SuSE booted into KDE no problem.

The resolution and refresh rates were not right, and I wanted to change

them. The refresh too slow, the colour too shallow, the picture
displaced to
the right. I tried to change them with YaST. I set the values to what I

thought they should be. I rebooted and this time, same problem as what
orginal post was about, I got the command prompt. Run level 5
attempted, but
with these error messages:

Starting Service kdm

Master resource control: runlevel 5 has been // has been what??

Failed services in runlevel5

Skipped services in runlevel5

At the command prompt I typed YaST and got a character mode interface.
went to the desktop settings, and they were what I requested from YaST
Card nVidia Riva TNT2 M64

Monitor VESA 1280*1024@85hz [30-98kHz/50-110Hz]

colour depth 24 bit

3D acceleration disabled // that's ok, I understand I have to get
driver for

These settings work fine with windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP. I
the reason why runlevel 5 failed was because of these settings being
disagreeable to X or kde. So I tried to change the settings by
"change". This took me to SaX2 and a window the same as the
windows seen during installation.

A message box says: "Monitor (0) with ID:GSM4A5B not found. Please set
your monitor manually. Do you want to start the configuration dialog to

setup the display now". I clicked "Yes" (but really my answer is no, I
Linux should be smart enough to do this itself, as do other operating

A monitor is shown called VESA. I'm not sure what kind of Monitor this
mine is an LG. I try to remove it, OK, but there is no way to add a new

monitor. So I go cancel, come back to this page and this time select
properties. The list of monitors does not list my LG Studioworks 900B.
So i
pick a VESA monitor, with a value of 1280x1024@75Hz (which I know does
with other operating systems.) I set the frequencies in accordance with
monitor manual, which are the values I chose when I ran YaST the first
from kde. I leave the expert settings at their default.

I click finalize, but I get the same mesage about monitor(0) not found.
time I say no, I don't want to continue. (in truth I tried yes about
times, and kept doing this in circles. I had to click no to break the

Then I click test. The message is: "X Server Test Failed. (WW) the
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/xtest does not exist. (EE) no devices
detected". I
clicked ok.

Clicked finalize, save. The message is "Configuration is saved, takes
next time graphics system started.

Now I am back at YaST. The instructions on the left state "If you
graphical desktop environment, the current settings will be saved when
select Next". Unfortunately, there is no "next" to select. There is an
"Accept" and I select that.

I exit and reboot. runlevel 5 fails with the same error messages. I try
again. This time I select the "probe" option and I get some kind of
values. Again, there is no "next", but there is a "select", which I
Not knowing if my changes were saved, I issued this command:

vi /etc/X11/XF86Config

because I am a sophisticated computer user, after all. It turns out the

entries have not even been saved. So I edit them myself to match what
probe gave me:
1280x1024@60Hz [31-64kHz/50-60Hz]

16 bit

I save and reboot. Again, runlevel 5 fails with the same errors. I look

cat /var/log/boot.msg | more

because it's not as if I've got no idea what I'm doing. The only
entries are:

starting service kdm (large command line omitted)

<notice> exit status of (xdm splash late) is (0 0)

master resource control: runlevel 5 has been reached

failed services in runlevel 5: network

failed services in runlevel 5: smbfs

I'm posting this in the hope someone can identify what went wrong and
some advice. Some one may post some advice, and I may get it running.

But none of this should ever have happened. I have installed every
of Microsoft from win95 onwards to this monitor and video card, and it
always worked fine. Novice computer users demand things like this just
out of the box, becuase they can't be expected to fix it. Sophisticated

users like me demand it works, because all this rigmarole is just
wasting my

The thing about all this is, if Linux is a bandwagon, then I want to be
it. But when it doesn't even install out of the box, then the user base
never reach any kind of critical mass, and I'm wasting my time learning
(I am a computer programmer).

It breaks my heart, it really does, because I love the ideal of Linux,
because I am very wary about Microsoft. But as a professional, I
possibly recommend Linux to anybody after these experiences.

It's not the end of the road either. Once I fix this problem, I have to
out why my video output is always displaced 3cm to the right under
when it is flush under windows. Then I have to work out why my sound
makes a continual loud hissing or static noise, which doesn't happen
windows. After that, I'll be hoping my USB flash drive will work, and
be wanting my TV/FM capture card to work. Am I entitled to feel
about these things?

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>I installed a suse 9.1 dvd I got from a magazine
> The installation went beautifully, and my shiny new suse desktop
> me to "have fun!". But all it's given me is command prompt. I thought
> we left those things behind 10 years ago. Silly me, expecting
> icons, menus and pointers. But it is the nicest command prompt
> environment I have ever seen.
> at the command prompt I typed:x and hit enter. I got some kind of
> message. No, I don't know what the message was, because I had to
> uninstall it all to be able to reinstall windows so I could post this
> message.
> Maybe someone here can tell me whether or not I'm entitled to expect
> graphic user interface for this thing, and how to get it. As far as
> concerned, a bog standard video card like the nvidia riva tnt2 should
> be supported. And if it's not, at least give me a gui of 640 x 480 x
> 8bit color.
> I really love the idea of linux and I really want to try it. But if
> it's always going to be this hard, why bother. Life's too short and
> I've got work to do. At least the Mandrake distribution I tried two
> years ago gave me a gui (even if it was displaced 3 cm to the right.
> And no sound card, no matter how many times I ran the sound