Re: Hauppauge WINTV GO

From: Andrew (
Date: 02/14/05

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 15:49:01 -0800

Andrew wrote:
> OK, so I've been messing with this for a few hours now. I had it
> working 1x but was annoyed by some audio hiss so I reconfigured and lost
> it.
> Anyhow after hitting a few computer stores today looking for a
> compatible card, I found this one for $59.00.
> Mostly the problem is the TV Tuner isn't changing the channels. It is
> stuck on one channel, I had the tuner working earlier for about 15
> minutes. I have tried to update via YAST a bunch of times. I used the
> Hardware (SUSEPLUGGER) tool. Info Below:
> Driver Info #0:
> Driver Status: bttv is active
> Driver Activation Cmd: "modprobe bttv"
> The card model is detected as Hauppauge WinTV in YAST. The only time I
> got it working was by changing the default tuner out to Philips 4 in 1
> ATI TV Wonder Pro (Conexant.) I noticed a Conexant chip on board the
> card. See URL's above. It was working, but I was stupid enough to mess
> with it.
> YAST shows the following:
> Installed TV and Radio Cards:
> Hauppauge WinTV
> Installed as TV card number 0.
> Anyhow I haven't been able to get the tuner running again, I am stuck on
> VH1 right now, please help! :)
> YAST is configured right now as NTSC US-Cable though I have tried the
> US-Cable-HRC setting too. The frequencies are off a tad on the HRC
> setting.
> Yast has detected channels exactly 1 time correctly, and now I cannot
> figure out how the heck I did it. Every other time it "thinks" it's
> detecting a new channel, but it is really never actually changing the
> channel. (Does that make sense?) You can hear the audio when it is
> detecting channels and that is a pretty quick way to know if the tuner
> is working.
> I am using the following TV apps:
> KDETV which I screwed up by upgrading to the latest version using
> Kpackage. How do you uninstall updates? :-(
> XawTV and MoTV.
> Why the heck can't I get the tuner working? Here's a screenshot of the
> desktop and it is playing the TV fine.
> This is the last hurdle towards getting this SUSE box into condition for
> my wife to use it, which is a goal for me as well as learning all I can
> while doing it.

OK, I got the version of KDETV I needed back up and running. I'm still
messing with the tuner. I learned a little more about Kpackage as well,
so that is good.

At least I know I'm not the only one that experienced this.

I'll do some research at KDETV.ORG and see what they have to say about
this. I'll probably end up removing the card and writing down all the
chipset specific stuff I see, then try the trial and error method with
some ability to give it a good guess.

Thanks for your help!

havin' fun playing...