Re: Dvorak Online: Killing Linux?

From: Fish (
Date: 02/24/05

Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 00:51:48 +0000

Bryan wrote:
> "Not sure if columnist John C. Dvorak is trying to help Microsoft or
> inflame the entire Linux user base.

Well, as another poster points out, the guy is paid to speculate,
although it must have been a pretty thin newsday if this is all he could
come up with.

Those in the know are never going to buy into an MS-Linux. I mean how
many SuSE or RH/Fedora users are going to dump their distros in favour
of a whopping annual tax to Redmond for closed-source stuff with,
perhaps, product activation and drm thrown in as a sweetener. And those
not in the know - Joe Sixpack and co - won't be changing over from
Windows anyway. So where's the beef? Looks like the article is
suggesting the same old fud - Linux will fail because M$ will bribe or
bully hardware vendors into refusing to deal with it. And if that
doesn't work, they'll send in the patent lawyers.

Too late, too late. M$ are in such bad odour these days - more EU fines,
anyone? - that they aren't going to get away with another world
domination play. And as if IBM, Sony and others would let them anyway.