Re: Why I dumped Linux and Went Back to Windows.

From: Tom Shelton (
Date: 02/24/05

Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 22:43:54 -0600

On 2005-02-24, Liam Slider <> wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 23:50:55 +0000, Tom Shelton wrote:
>>>>>> So I tried firefox. I quickly discovered that browsing was so slow it
>>>>>> was pathetic. A little research showed I needed to turn off IPV6.
>>>>> Firefox, while not as peppy as Konqueror, is certainly a nice web
>>>>> browser, and while light on features, they are easy to add-on. And
>>>>> while I used it I certainly didn't find that *browsing* was slow.
>>>> It seems fine for me on Gentoo. Of course, I disabled IPV6 on
>>>> everything. I have no use for it.
>>>>>> Funny, I didn't have to do that with Windows. Same firefox and it
>>>>>> works great with Windows.
>>>>> Uh, yeah, sure.
>>>> Liam - I know you aren't going to believe this. I'm sure you'll call me
>>>> a liar - but I'm going to say it anyway... Firefox works much, much
>>>> better on XP then it does on Linux - at least in my experience.
>>> I can't possibly imagine how.
>> 1. It crashes on Linux, not often but every couple of days it will just
>> disappear. I have never once had it crash on XP, and I'm running it on
>> at least 5 XP installations. I suppose this could be a result of the
>> compiler optimizations I have set... Hmmm, maybe I'll try and emerge it
>> again with slightly toned down optimizations (not that I have them set
>> wild or anything - but this has been known to help with other packages).
> Well, this is true, although it's a bit more rare in my experience than
> you make out. Especially the 1.0 version. Still, I'd agree Konqueror is
> more stable. Or Ephiphany (which is rather minimal) on GNOME.

Epiphany isn't really that bad... I just like firefox for all around
browsing though. And as far as crashing, like I said, it has gotten
better and it may be a result of excessive optimization... I'm going to
try and reinstall it with less optimization, and see if that makes a

>> 2. It loads faster on XP.
> Pre-loading perhaps?

Why would firefox be preloaded? I thought only IE and office did that

>> It also seems to render somewhat faster -
>> but that could be my imagination.
> Probably.

Like I said - it seems to be faster, but I haven't done any benchmarks
to prove it.

>> 3. It doesn't have all the strange input anomolies on XP (like not
>> gaining focus on an alt-tab, grabbing on to the mouse sometimes when
>> crossing a text field, refusing to give up focus on an alt-tab, etc).
> I never really noticed any "imput anomalies" when I used it.

Again, they've gotten better, but their still there. By the way, I also
notice some of these in Mozilla as well (particularly the alt-tab thing).

>> All of the above have gotten much better since I installed the final 1.0
>> release, but the still persist.
>>>>>> I also noticed that I could not play CD's until I created a /mnt
>>>>>> directory in which xmms would mount my audio cds.
>>>>> Funny how I've never had to do that. Ever. I've never once had to
>>>>> *mount* an audio CD to play it.
>>>> I didn't have to create the mount point either, mostly because I
>>>> already had created a /mnt/cdrom for other uses. But, I did have to
>>>> tell xmms about it. I'm on Gentoo, so I expect this sort of thing -
>>>> but I would immagine that SuSE would set this up in the default
>>>> installation?
>>> Likely, did on my older version of SuSE before I switched back to
>>> Mandrake. And on Mandrake I never had any problem with audio. Just put
>>> them in, and they work. DVD works similarly, didn't have to tinker
>>> with mountpoints or other garbage, just put them in and they work.
>> I did to use xine - but, again, I'm on gentoo so you sometimes have to
>> do this stuff. I would expect that commercial or more user oriented
>> distro's would be more automated about this. I don't know, because I
>> never used one long enough to care. I won't lie, I wasn't impressed by
>> my brief stint with SuSE, Mandrake wouldn't install properly, Lycoris
>> fsckd my system (thank goodnes for Knoppix), and Red Hat 7.2 and 9.0
>> were so pathetically slow that I gave up on them. Gentoo has been the
>> only distro I've tried were I've been able to get everything I wanted to
>> work (except scanner) to work and wasn't slow compared to XP on the same
>> hardware. I know you won't believe that, but that has been my
>> experience. I'm not trying to knock linux here, just relating my
>> personal experience so far.
> I do find it hard for anyone to be not impressed with SuSE, and for
> Mandrake to not install properly.

Well, it was like Mandrake 8 something or other. And it kept hanging
while it tried to update it self (even though, I kept telling it not
to). It would hang for a while and then crash and never come back up.
About the 3rd time I tried, it actually booted up, but then X kept
crashing. So, I just gave up on it. Actually, I did install Mandrake
once under MS's Virtual PC. It looked ok...

To be honest, Liam, I'm not that thrilled about RPM based distro's now
that I have had a taste of Gentoo - Yast seemed nixe, but I just like
Gentoo's portage better. That is probably why I didn't really like SuSE
that much. It also didn't start off on the right foot by messing up the
boot sector so that XP wouldn't boot anymore. Fortuantely, it was a
known issue with 2.6 kernels and parted, and SuSE provided a fix for it.

> Mandrake is about on par with SuSE on
> hardware. It's a damn fine distro. I also cannot imagine anyone calling
> either *slow* in comparison to Windows XP.

Well I just did... SuSE 9.1 most definately was. I don't know about
Mandrake cause it never installed right on my machine. RH wasn't to hot

> I have never been impressed by the speed of XP when I've seen it in action.

I've never had too many issues... XP is somewhat sluggish on the little
900 MHz Duron I have it running on one machine at work - but that only
has 128 MB of RAM...

>>>> <snip>
>>>>>> I tried Openoffice, which seems to take an eternity to load even on
>>>>>> a P4 machine.
>>>>>> What a dog!!
>>>>>> It seems to work ok once it loads.
>>>>> Certainly not slow here, but then Open Office is now considered
>>>>> tightly integrated into GNOME, and I run it has much more
>>>>> pep than if I was running KDE as my DE.
>>>> Hmmm... It doesn't seem to load any faster in Gnome for me - that's
>>>> why for general word processing I've switched to Abiword. OO is just
>>>> to slow - I still use it to open office documents on Linux though.
>>>> Besides, I thought OO2 was going to integrate into both KDE and Gnome
>>>> natively.
>>> Hmmm, maybe the newer OO is just faster than the old one I was using
>>> before...but it certainly seems to work better in GNOME than KDE
>>> though. Maybe it's my imagination.
>> I don't know what version your using, but I'm on 1.1.4 I believe...
>> Don't get me wrong, there was significant improvement from 1.0 to 1.1,
>> but it still loads slowly compared to Abiword.
> Well, I never claimed that Open Office was faster than *is*
> a lightweight app after all, more streamlined, and with fewer features. As
> an all inclusive "office suite" application OO is nice, if you *just* need
> a word processor then yes, Abiword is superior.

I guess I can agree on that. I just wish OO could be made somewhat
faster, then it wouldn't be just nice, it might actually be great.

>>>> By the way... Do you really like Gnome?
>>> Yeah. I was using SuSE 8.2 (which didn't include GNOME and I wasn't
>>> going to go to the hassle, especially given my prior experience) before
>>> switching back to Mandrake which I had used before, and my experience
>>> on Mandrake had been entirely pre-2.0 GNOME. Coming back to Mandrake
>>> (10.1) I gave it a try's nice.
>> I guess I'm a little soured on Gnome... It won't stop displaying my KDE
>> desktop icons and it does it some ugly icon. When I delete them from
>> gnome, it deletes them in KDE. Basically, they don't seem to play nice
>> on the same system - well, at least Gnome doesn't seem to play nice with
>> KDE.
> I have not had this problem on Mandrake. KDE and GNOME desktops are
> entirely seperate.

Well I do on Gentoo... A quick google search shows that I'm not the
only one, but on the RH Bugzilla they blame it on KDE. What ever :)

Tom Shelton