Re: Dvorak Online: Killing Linux?

From: Andrew (
Date: 02/25/05

Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 17:40:11 -0800

Millers wrote:
> Andrew wrote:
> > Why does everyone think all users of windows have root privileges?
>> Not all processes run under SYSTEM or NTAUTHORITY either, many run
>> under the specific user's ACL's.
>> Just because people logon to their admin acct, doesn't mean they
>> shouldn't be configuring their machine differently. RTFM.
>> That said, I am using SUSE soley at home now, except for on my laptop.
> Well, sometimes you have to apparently. For instance, one of the
> machines we have is running XP Home. (It's provided by the school
> district so I'm stuck w/that OS). As a regular user I tried to install
> MS Flight Simulator. No go, no surprise. Logged in as administrator,
> and it installed. Logged out and tried to run it as a regular user.
> Guess what? It wouldn't run! MS's own product on their own OS wouldn't
> run unless it was as administrator. Go figure.
> I asked the MS shills at work and they said to make the regular user a
> power user. Tried. Guess what? No power user in XP Home that I could
> find! Go figure. So guess what box runs w/admin privs. Guess what box
> doesn't have an inet connection...
> ...Kevin

See that's what 'Run As' is for.
You are still logged into your user acct. It is just like 'su' in linux.

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