Re: SUSE 9.2 and partition size

From: Rajko M. (kakomo123_at_nospam.bazar)
Date: 03/26/05

Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 10:45:34 -0600

Hi Fri13,

Fast fix for your problem is to
make directory /usr/opt,
copy /opt files in new directory,
rename /opt to /opt1,
and make symlink:
#ln -s /usr/opt opt
Make sure that all works, and remove /opt1.
Similar linking worked for me couple of times.

The other option is to make use of LVM so you can resize partitons at
will. More about LVM you can find on:
and then you can decide whether is that for you or not.

Reusing directories like /home is fine idea, but personal application
settings that are kept in it can be a problem if they reference to
nonexistant directories or applications in particular distribution,
and probably it is not the last that has to be solved.

The only thing that can be done easy and brings some advantages is to
keep personal data files on separate partition, attached to the
somewhere in the file system. In SuSE they provided Documents
directory that can be used for that purpose. I guess they intend to
make applications aware of it. In case of crash, system update, use
of different OS, all what has to be done is to attach you data