SuSE and wireless

From: Houston CAPCOM (
Date: 03/28/05

Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 20:46:26 -0800

I've spent the better part of this weekend getting Linux up and running on
my new Sony Laptop. For the most part, I'm pretty impressed. Linux has
come a long way since I tried Red Hat 6 back in 1999. I'm used to OS X so
I'm finding some things quite challenging, but the whole reason I bought a
Intel machine was to learn Linux.

I have a list of questions that I will be posting to this group (sorry for
being a newbie!) but the most pressing is how to get SuSE to connect to my
AirPort network. YaST "sees" a wireless card in this computer: AMBIT
Microsystem AR5215 802.11abg. I have no idea how to get connected to the
network, however. The computer is a Sony VAIO K45 and I am running GNOME,
SuSE 9.2. All the software has been updated via YaST. If anyone can post a
very simple set of steps to get connected to the AirPort, I'd appreciate