Re: Any Radeon user not experiencing random freeze problem, please confirm

From: Patrick Phillips (
Date: 04/09/05

Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2005 21:29:51 GMT

Foxy wrote:

> There is a discusion on Rad3D regarding this problem, which people
> like myself encounter. Basicly the description is the following:
> After scrolling, browsing or some other actions or trying to launch 3D
> applications, the system completely locks up, however:
> 1. Mouse is moveable but not responding to any action
> 2. Keyboard does not respond at all
> 3. Some programmes still works, like sound applications
> 4. SSH-able
> 5. Killing X makes the system completely freeze
> It happens if 3D is enabled in XF86Config (Load DRI).
> There is thread on Rage3D
> which the
> description of the problem and another one
>, where you can
> leave your status.
> Basically we are trying to figure out how common this problem is among
> ATI users, however, some NVidia users report this problem as well.
> So far the following cards have been reported to have this lock up:
> 1. Radeon 9500Pro/9700Pro
> 2. Radeon 9000 Mobility
> 3. Radeon 9200SE
> 4. Radeon 8500
> 5. Saphire X800-XT/PE
> 6. Radeon 9550
> If you do not have this problem, could you give a brief description of
> your graphic card including a manufacturer and also some description
> of your system configuration (motherboard, chip, CPU). Your help will
> be highly appreciated. You can do it here or on Rage3D.
> For me this bug is very annoying because it is the main reason I
> cannot completely abandon Windows.

Hi, no problem here and I've never heard of this one?

I'm using 9.2 with Nvidia 32bit kernel and Nvidia FX5200 64MB AGP in
Asus A7V8X-X Athlon XP 2600+ and the SuSE driver from YOU online update
3D turned on.
I did have a somewhat simular problem with no keyboard,but mouse and all
programs worked after installing a security update, think it was
kdelibs3 - KDE base libraries 3.3.0-34.3 39.9MB tried this update 3-4
times but always had to go back to previous version, and all was well,
a few weeks later I tried again and it worked and is working now, maybe
it was just one of those passing things. :-)

Seems like I read ATI released new drivers yesterday or day before for
most all its chipsets, don't know if they included Linux though.
Patrick in IL.
SuSE 9.2