Re: SUSE 9.3 and wireless network?

From: Kevin Nathan (
Date: 04/28/05

Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 22:55:02 -0700

On Wed, 27 Apr 2005 23:54:18 -0500
Moose <> wrote:

> Kevin Nathan wrote:
> > That's strange! I had that card working under ndiswrapper on 9.1 and
> > when I went to 9.2 all I had to do was a YOU and select the
> > 'Download ACX100 wlan firmware' option. It was so easy it floored
> > me! :-)
> That's strange! WTF is "ndiswrapper"?

If you're using a wireless NIC that is not supported under Linux with
native drivers, then ndiswrapper is your only free option. It 'wraps'
the Windows drivers with Linux code so you can use the Windows drivers
that come on the CD for whatever card it is. It's a kludge, and I hated
it, but I was not about to pay for 'driverloader' or whatever it's
called since I was only going to use the wireless for a few weeks.

> ...and how did you know to type
> the letters "ACX100..."? What was easy about it?

If you don't know the chipset of the wireless card you are using, you
don't stand much of a chance of getting it working under Linux. My
Netgear card used the Texas Instruments ACX111 chipset.

I didn't 'type' anything and never said I did. I 'selected' the chipset
that was for my card while in the YaST Online Update program.

Ok, this is what was easy about it: I installed SUSE 9.2 (new install)
with my wireless NIC installed. SUSE found it and configured it, but no
network connection. I checked my boot logs and realized that I needed
the firmware (the msg said something about not finding the firmware --
it's not part of the cards, for various reasons) so I checked in YaST
and it listed the ACX100 as one of those available. I checked that box,
ran the update and then had internet connectivity.

If you don't understand some of this, you really need to read up on
wireless (wifi) -- I bought a book on it, but much is available on the
internet. I spent many hours, over several weekends, learning about wifi
so I could install it. Linux requires some effort on the user's part,
but it pays off big down the road . . . :-)

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