Suse 9.3 repair from CD/DVD is buggy!

From: AnonymousFC3 (
Date: 05/01/05

Date: Sun, 01 May 2005 13:38:49 -0700

  Afer non destructive damages on my recently installed system due to a
power standby "feature" (need tho be fixed: hard bug!), then on Kevin's
from Arizona posting I tried to repair my system from CD.

My system is a dual boot, with Windows mounted /dev/hda1
/dev/hda2 is /boot
/dev/hda3 is / with an xfs file system.
/dev/hda5 is also a data xfs system
/dev/hda7 is an ext3 file system.

Automatic repair from CD failed, with an erronous error message:
 "No valid root partition was found, probably there is no valid linux system
on this computer..."

Customized repair also failed:
 First it tried to find partitions and prompted:
/dev/hda3 contains unknown file system
/dev/hda5 contains unknown file system.

The system tried also to do an /sbin/fsck ext2 -n /dev/hda7
and also failed as "No valid file system".

I must add that I removed the CD rebooted and "voila" each partition is
there and properly mounted... and I can use KNODE to post this message.
(BTW capability to type italic and bold characters would be nice).

Conclusion: SUSE 9.3 like 9.2, 9.1 8.2 is not very good at allowing fixing a
multi boot file system, with partitions other tha ext2 or reiser!
Also the Customized repair should have the same logical path of the

Customized install that I used to create this system....and either
automatically, or manually find one (or more!) valid partition where SUSE
9.3 is installed (ignore other suses systems not matching the CD).

Also support for the excellent XFS file system is not what it should be: it
has been supported since 9.1 and is still not detected.
I reiterate here that SUSE should not be afraid to post what has been
tested, and/or SUSE makes available on the net "beta" versions to benefit
from the "free testing on lots of anonymous testers like me".

But released versions should be as much as possible free of major bug.
And I consider as a major bug losing the system a partially destructive
power standby. I hope a fix will be available within the next three months.
Beside this 9.3 seems here and there slightly "snappier" than 9.2, may be my
imagination? Probably not: the one or two seconds freezes observed often
seem to be rare by now. Maybe due to the new kernel? (2.6.11)