Re: mount: No medium found

From: Snorkelson MacBurp (
Date: 05/09/05

Date: Sun, 08 May 2005 22:55:41 -0400

Rajko M. said the following on 08/05/05 00:01:
> Snorkelson MacBurp wrote:
>>For some reason my CDRW has stopped working. Neither data nor audio cds
>>will mount. I rarely use it so I'm not even sure what I might have done,
>>if anything, to mess it up. Because of the light use, I'm a little
>>reluctant to write it off to hardware failure just yet.
>>fstab entry is:
>>/dev/cdrecorder /media/cdrecorder udf,iso9660
>>ro,noauto,user,exec 0 0
>>The line for my DVD is essentially the same and it works just fine.
>>Yast sees the CDRW and says it's configured. I've even removed it and
>>added it with Yast a few times, just to make sure. I've googled, but to
>>no avail. Everything seems right, except for the fact that it won't mount.
>>I'm running 9.1 with KDE3.4(Suse rpms). I know it worked before I
>>updated to KDE3.4, but I can't say for sure if it was working
>>immediately prior.
>>Any help would be appreciated.
> It can happen that it stops working without any particular reason.
> In your case part of electronics that reports CD-RW presence in computer is
> fine. Probably it passed all internal tests, and for CD-RW firmware thinks
> that everything is fine.
> Check what happens when you put CD in CD-RW.
> Possibilities:
> 1) nothing
> 2) spinning and blinking and then nothing
> First tells that door closing is not recognized. I'm not sure is possible by
> software to set or reset CD-RW to watch for door closing. If it is that
> must be some utility that you can obtain from manufacturer.
> Second tells that laser can't read CD. Try cleaning laser lenses using
> special CD for that purpose. Look for one that can run on PC, as there are
> such products for game consoles (play station etc).
> You may check burner using another computer, another OS.
> Post what model of CD-RW you have. Don't forget to post what Suse thinks
> about the model as it reports what firmware replied about the burner model,
> and firmware knows the best.

Spinning, blinking then nothing.

It's and Acer CDRW 10x4x32 (that's all that's written on the front)

Suse sees it as:
Type: CD-ROM
Vendor: Unknown
Unique ID: cBQ5.DFy10JAhSL8
Available: Yes
Configured: Yes

I'm going to try a bootable CD, I just don't seem to have one on hand at
the moment. I figure that will tell me a lot when it boots/fails to boot.