9.3 on old laptop - IDE drivers present in initrd but missing on main boot

From: Richard (see.my.sig_at_nowhere.com)
Date: 05/11/05

Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 17:52:31 +0100

second try, this time without typo in subject line...

Delighted with 9.3 - as usual with SuSE the expected last release of the
major version is a real good 'un.

Easy installs on 4 bigger machines, finally got round to putting it on
an old Toshiba Tecra 510 laptop - P100 with 144M RAM and 4G HD & 800x600
screen. This ran 9.1 OK but I want to go wireless with the better
support in 9.3.

Install ground to a halt saying it couldn't see the CD and dumped me
back in the old YaST1 curses (?) environment. Indeed, no CD detected nor
  HD !?. So, I selected "modules" - "Generic IDE host driver" and they
re-appeared and install proceeded as normal (but Oh, so slow compared to
my newer boxes!). After CD1 it reboots - and initrd runs but when it
boots the kernel, again, no HD (or CD). Message is that it's waiting for
hda4 to appear (and it never does, because the driver's not loaded).

I failed to find a way of loading it from the hobbled prompt that it
left me, but re-booted the CD (using my old faithful SmartBootManager)
and repeated the module-load trick above before selecting "boot
installed system". I'm back up, but the problem will be there again next
boot :(

Anyone know how / where to add support for the IDE? And better still,
why it's missing!?