Re: avoiding acrobat reader 7 calling home

From: Perfect Reign (
Date: 05/12/05

Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 09:15:21 -0700

On 12 May 2005 08:42:35 -0700, someone posing as
donned fireproof bloomers and chiseled in the wall:

> I have installed acrobat reader 7 on my suse 9.2.
> the interface is much more "smooth", and also it renders much better
> some documents (for instance papers written in latex with default
> latex fonts).
> however, the problem is the calling-home feature.
> I have disabled javascript into the reader; moreover, although I'm
> using a direct connection to the internet, I told him to use a
> (inexistent) proxy.
> This way, I'm really going to avoid the logging of my activity with the
> reader ?

I haven't heard of this. What does it do? Does it track your activity? I
haven't installed it yet.

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