Re: ruby on rails and suse 9.1

From: Marvyn von Mars (
Date: 05/18/05

Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 05:45:49 GMT wrote:
> The ruby that comes as an rpm on suse 9.1 is not the most recent
> version and the most recent version is required for ruby on rails. I'm
> trying to compile the most recent version. I'll put some real effort
> into it this weekend when I get some time and post if I get it working.
It should easy.

I downloaded Ruby 1.8.2 source tarball.

The usual process (configure/make/make install):
1, untar
    $ tar -xzvf ruby-1.8.2...
2. $ cd ruby-... (the newly created directory)
3. $ ./configure
4. $ make
5. $ su
6. # make install
7. SuSEconfig
    (This may not be necessary.
     YaST does this after 'install/remove software'.)
8. # exit
Do any clean-ups.

/* using 'checkinstall':
5. $ mkdir doc-pak
6. $ cp INSTALL README [and other such files] doc-pak
7. $ su
8. # checkinstall -R make install
9. # rpm -ivvv /usr/src/.../ruby-1.8.2...i386.rpm
10. # SuSEconfig
11. # exit

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