Re: Desktop Linux? Where is it hiding? Is this group a joke or something?
Date: 05/28/05

Date: 28 May 2005 12:21:52 -0700 wrote:
> You made some very good points. But you're completely off base with
> this one...
> >Wrong. Users should know everything about how the OS works,
> > about how the programs they use interface. This way, they can
> > actually use the system competently, and troubleshoot their problems.
> > Computers should NOT be black boxes.
> The first sentence would be better phrased - "Computer geeks want to
> know everything about how the OS works..."

Indeed we do.

> "Users" are the average Joe in this country. They want to start their
> computer and check email, surf the web a bit, write some letters, pay
> their bills and play a game or two. Sales and Marketing types need to
> use spreadsheets and create powerpoint presentations. Doctors want to
> access medical information. Etc, etc, etc.
> The average doctor, mechanic, mom, pilot, cop, etc DOES want the
> computer to be a black box. They could care less to "know everything
> about how the OS works." I'd estimate that over 95% of computer users
> in this world have zero inclination to learn everything about how their
> OS works. They just need to use a computer to get their work done.

I don't care whether they want to. What people want has nothing to do
with what is best. I said they SHOULD know how it works, i did not say
they want to. I know they don't want to. And i don't care.

> If the selling point of Linux to these people is - "With Linux you'll
> get to learn everything there is to know about operating systems" then
> people will run, not walk, away from you.

Fine by me. Less people with the mentality of four-year olds to do
tech support for.