Re: Linksys PSUS4 Printserver

From: Slottech (
Date: 06/03/05

Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2005 03:39:54 -0700

On Thu, 02 Jun 2005 20:48:37 -0700, Don <> wrote:

>Please give the info that your using.
>Slottech wrote:
>> On Thu, 02 Jun 2005 13:24:25 GMT, Bruce Stewart
>> <> wrote:
>>>Don wrote:
>>>> i have read that you can connect it .
>>>> Has anyone done this? If so How?
>>>Firstly the manual is at:
>>>Looking at this, there seems to be a reliance on Windows utilities to set
>>>it up, but after it is set up there should be no issues with printing to
>>>it using Linux.
>>>You will need to have your Linux PC set up for networking using Ethernet.
>>>Now I don't know what your networking setup is, could you please give us
>>>more information about this.
>>>Bruce S.
>> When you put this in line it has a dhcp address if you find this you
>> can type it in your browser and it has the normal password "admin" no
>> user name. from here you can do all the setups without using windows
>> if needed. Yes it does work as I have the same print server and using
>> in both environments. I gave it a static address for the purpose of
>> ease. If you need the info I have to setup I will post for you for my
>> setup.
>> Slottech

Type in the IP address of the print server in your browser

on the setup page
First change your password
then I disabled tcp/ip apple and netbui.

Under Protocol
I made it static with (or whatever you use for your
network) same with subnet and gateway. the rest default.

under Printer" default" as I do not do internet printing.
Logical port 1

under Status this is what mine looks like

 Model Name: PSUS4
Firmware Version: 6032
Hardware ID: xxxxxxxxx
Firmware Version: 6032
Protocol ID: xxxx
Default Name: LK902D0C
Server Name: LK902D0C
MAC Address: xxxxxxxxxxxx

"AppleTalk Info:
Printer Type:
LK902D0C:LaserWriter" ( not used )

TCP/IP Info:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Gateway Address:
Email Server IP Address:
Printing Account Name: N/A
Redirect Account Name: N/A

SMB Info:
Domain Name: HOME <-- you can make this whatever you need to this is
what I use.

Connected Printer: P1
Status: On-Line
Printing Information: Idle

If you are using the CD that came with the print server you must use
windows. I do not remember how it works as I do not have it installed
at the moment. But if I remember right it was pretty easy to setup
just insert the info it asks for. (read the rest first though)

now on to the printer setup.
in windows
if you have already installed the printer go to (in XP) Printer &
Faxes and find your printer right click and choose properties.
Under "Ports" choose add port.
this will pop up a window and choose Standard TCP/IP Port it will ask
what IP address then click next. another window will pop up and say
additional info needed. Put a tick in custom and click settings. it
will pop up another window and put tick in LPR. and under LPR settings
put a P1 (in queue name) click ok. It might ask for the printer
install cd to finish (if I remember correctly) and you can now print
using the server if configured correctly.

In Suse go to printers choose your printer model and set it to either
TCP with your P. server IP address or use network and put in your
P.server IP address. ( don't remember which one)

Linux is so much easier to setup than winblows

I really hope this helps you.

any ? just ask