Real Player in SuSE 9.3

From: JPB (
Date: 07/16/05

Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 23:38:58 +0930

Has anyone had any luck with this crappy player? Whatever I do, all
streaming content it will play is sound. Video files produce a black
screen, with just the "Real" logo breaking up in two.

This thing is nearly as bad as its Windows counterpart - it set itself
up as default for all media files without asking; even for those it
could not play in a fit (like *.ogm). It also automatically enables
cookies and sending information back to Real Networks, unless you
specifically go into preferences and disable it. You certainly don't get
any say on any of this during its initial setup.

Would anyone know of something like the "Real Alternative" for Windows,
which allows to play "real" file content without having to install this
piece of garbage...?

Luckily there are only a few instances I need to play "real" content, as
MPlayer plugin can handle almost all *.asx and *.vmw content. Alas,
there seem to be a few sites that must be made specifically for Windows
Media Player 10.0, and those will not play even under WMP 6.0, with -
supposedly - all the relevant codecs, under wine. Unfortunately Real
Player does not work at all for me for video. Even when I start
"realplay" from the CLI, there is no feedback at all.

Any pointers appreciated.