I'm new to SUSE/Linux, here are some questions (long)

From: MarkH (markat_at_atdot.dot.dot)
Date: 09/03/05

Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2005 10:17:54 GMT

I use 3 computers:

My No1 PC is my fast games machine that I use for Games, Web creation,
Image editing, watching videos, playing MP3s and general stuff. This PC
has an AMD Athlon 64 3800+ CPU on an Asus A8N-E board with 2GB RAM.

My No2 PC handles CD and DVD Writing (leaving my No1 free for me to do
stuff on). It also handles the extracting of data from Zips and Rars
that I have downloaded. This PC recently inherited some good parts
after I upgraded No1 - it has a P4 2.53MHz CPU on an Asus P4PE M/B with

My No3 is my server and it handles my internet connection (using 2 Nics
- 1 connected to my ADSL router, the other connected to my LAN). This
PC is my file server, DHCP server, Proxy server/firewall and mail
server. Currently this PC has a 1GHz P3 CPU on an Asus CUSL3 M/B with
512MB RAM.

I have been using WinXP Pro on No1 and No2, Win2003 Server on No3.

Now I want to learn Linux and have experimented with loading a few
distros (Red Hat, Mandrake, Debian and SUSE). But I have found Linux a
little hard (I am very used to Windows) and I can't really learn it well
unless I make a big effort to use it regularly.

My plan is to setup my No1 PC to boot to WinXP Pro for games and Suse
9.3 64Bit for everything else. No2 should be OK to run SUSE 9.3 for
everything I use it for and the same with No3.

Now I have got my No2 looking pretty good on SUSE 9.3. I followed some
advice I read here about uninstalling some multimedia stuff (Xine,
MPlayer, XMMS, etc) and reinstalling from a different source (packman)
so that now I can play MP3s and Vids on that PC. I have no problems
extracting compressed archives, I found this very easy with SUSE. I
have burnt a couple of CDs with K3B and am thinking about loading Nero
as I am used to that. I would like to know what sites I can set as
sources for installing stuff, this seems to be an easier way to load
stuff into Linux than downloading files and installing them.

For my No3 PC I may take some time to change to SUSE as I need to figure
out how to get Squid working (maybe I need a good graphical front end).

My current mission is sorting out my No1 PC with SUSE 64bit. I want to
get the sound and video working well enough for games, maybe I wont need
to boot to WinXP all that much if I can play a few games on Linux. I
want to have my MP3 and Video playing working well (I did that on No2 so
I should be able to do it on No1). I also have a Pocket PC that I
synchronize with my Outlook for contacts, schedules and some E-Mails -
how doable is that on Linux (maybe I could just install WinXP in a VM-
Ware virtual machine and run Outlook on that)?

To be honest I find Linux a bit of a pain to do some things with, but I
think that in many ways it is way superior to Windows. I think that it
would be great if Linux could gain some real market share over the next
few years, then we would see better support from software and hardware

Here are some important questions I have:

I like Alcohol 120% on Windows, what is the best equivalent for Linux to
mount my ISOs?

What are some good sites to use as sources for Yast?

How do I install the drivers for my ATI X850 Pro card? I have downloaded
some files from ATI but don't really know what to do.

Can I setup Samba shares on a SUSE PC that give read access to anyone
with no need for username and password?

What is the easiest front end to setup for Squid?

What newsreader do I use in Linux (I like XNews in windows and hate the
standard Knode reader in SUSE)?

Where do I look for good 64bit apps for SUSE 64Bit?

Mark Heyes (New Zealand)
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