Re: I'm new to SUSE/Linux, here are some questions (long)

From: Jan Stozek (
Date: 09/03/05

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    Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2005 20:22:40 +0200

    MarkH zmarszczył się, zamyślił i w wiadomości z sobota, 3 września
    2005 12:17 napisał:

    > I
    > have burnt a couple of CDs with K3B and am thinking about loading
    > Nero
    > as I am used to that.

            NeroLinux is something completely different, than Nero for Windows.
    Some 3 generations behind. Give it a try, but many people on
    newsgroups complained and returned to K3b.

    > I would like to know what sites I can set as
    > sources for installing stuff, this seems to be an easier way to load
    > stuff into Linux than downloading files and installing them.

            Nearest SuSE mirror. Also pages, like are worth
    bookmarking - they allow you to find rpm's conviniently from various
    sites - not all of the software is included on official Novell sites.

    > For my No3 PC I may take some time to change to SUSE as I need to
    > figure out how to get Squid working (maybe I need a good graphical
    > front end).

            As far, as I can remember, basic wirking setup is done automagically.

    > I should be able to do it on No1). I also have a Pocket PC that I
    > synchronize with my Outlook for contacts, schedules and some E-Mails
    > - how doable is that on Linux (maybe I could just install WinXP in a
    > VM- Ware virtual machine and run Outlook on that)?

            Linux + wine probably won't do. A virtual machine probably will, but
    prepare for some dirty work to do.

    > To be honest I find Linux a bit of a pain to do some things with,

            Yeah. Definitely, there's less wizards on Linux, and most advanced
    things cannot be done from the GUI.

    > I like Alcohol 120% on Windows, what is the best equivalent for
    > Linux to mount my ISOs?

            Regular ISO's can be mounted with regular system tools; someone has
    already said that. AFAIR, Alcohol has some capabilities to read
    protected CD's, and I'm not sure what Linux tools would do this task.

    > What newsreader do I use in Linux (I like XNews in windows and hate
    > the standard Knode reader in SUSE)?

            I use knode. There is a mozilla spinoff (thunderbird?), and some
    other programs. I've read, it's even possible to run xnews under
    wine. Just give them a try.

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