Re: Deleting Windows

From: houghi (
Date: 09/18/05

Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 11:12:44 -0000

Fibber wrote:
> You will excuse me houghi but, as you can guess, I am a bit scary about this
> step (first time I do it) and I want absolutely be sure not to do mistakes.
> So:
>> The best this is done when you are NOT a user. So log in as root. This
>> is about the only exeption you should not be a user.
> 1) I will format hda1 as filesystem Reiser (as said). But I am *already*
> root when I do this. Or you mean that I - first - log in as user, then
> launch yast from inside the user box as root, format hda1, and finally log
> out to perform the other tasks as (pure, so to speak) root ? otherwise I
> don't understand when you write:

You do not need to any formatting. Yast will do that for you. Do not be
logged in ANYWHERE. Just follow the steps. I will give some comments.

>> Log out [CTRL][ALT][F1]. Log in as root and then 'init 3'.
That way you will be logged in as root
>> Next `mv /home /home_backup`
That will create a backup of your old data
>> Start Yast and make your /home (Yast works great in CLI)
More below
>> now `cp -a /home_backup /home`
Put the data into the new drive
>> `su - login` to check if all is ok
Testing part one
>> `ls` to see if all is there.
Testing part two
>> exit
Log out as user
>> init 5 && exit
Log out og CLI
>> log in as user.
Be running it again

> What I don't understand is why I can't do all these steps as root inside the
> the user box.

You don't do it inside a user box. With [CTRL][ALT][F1] and the as root
`init 3` youb are outside the user box and logged in on CLI as root.

> 2) What i don't even understand is what you write above:
>> Start Yast and make your /home

You explained that you wanted to use Yast to format your partition. This
is what you do here. Reformat the partition with Yast. On the right
lowerside you can set the mounting point. There you put /home

> Why can't I do this only with a makedir /home ?
Because then you need to format the drive manually and put the mount
point in /etc/fstab manually. Something you did not want to do.

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