Loadlin 1.6C problem when installing Novell Linux Desktop 9

From: Dennis Peere (sycrontw_at_hotmail.com)
Date: 10/14/05

Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 10:26:05 +0200


I'm trying to perform an automated harddisk installation of NLD 9 but seem
to have problems loading initrd with loadlin 1.6C.

The original initrd deliverd on CD1 of NLD is 5706806 bytes and I think
that's too big for loadlin 1.6C.

When I boot in FREEDOS and start loadlin I use the following command

LOADLIN LINUX initrd=INITRD ramdisk_size=65536 root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc

It ends with the following error message :

RAMDISk: Compressed image found at block 0

Invalid compressed format (err=2)

VFS: Mounted root (minix filesystem) readonly

Freeing unused kernel memory: 212K freed

I've tried the following commands, without success, to start loadlin :


LOADLIN linux initrd=initrd init=/linuxrc

LOADLIN linux initrd=initrd init=/linuxrc root=/dev/ram0

I've used the same loadlin version to install RedHat 8.0 and RHES 4 without
any problems.

Although I must say that the initrd.img's were smaller on RH (2711963 bytes
for RH8 and 3092868 bytes for RHES4)

If I boot from CD1 and start the installation, the following modules are
loaded during installation :

Module Size Used by

reiserfs 241488 1

edd 9368 0

dm_snapshot 16796 0

dm_mod 50300 1 dm_snapshot

multipath 7688 0

raid6 98576 0

raid5 20736 0

xor 15240 2 raid6,raid5

raid1 14848 0

raid0 8192 0

parport_pc 35520 0

parport 37832 1 parport_pc

usb_storage 60096 0

uhci_hcd 29200 0

hid 40896 0

ehci_hcd 27908 0

usbcore 103644 6 usb_storage,uhci_hcd,hid,ehci_hcd

ide_cd 36740 0

sg 35616 0

sr_mod 16292 0

sd_mod 20224 0

scsi_mod 108876 4 usb_storage,sg,sr_mod,sd_mod

cdrom 36892 2 ide_cd,sr_mod

cramfs 42868 1

vfat 14208 2

fat 43584 1 vfat

af_packet 20872 0

nvram 8456 0

I've tried to mount the initrd (from the NLD cd's) and removed all modules
that weren't loaded during the cd installation.

The result was an initrd of 2056532 bytes

When I started loadlin with that initrd I got the following error mesages
with every module the kernel want to load :

. on VT3

insmod: error inserting '/modules/reiserfs.ko': -1 Invalid module format

insmod: error inserting '/modules/eepro100.ko': -1 Invalid module format


. on VT4

ehci_hcd: disagrees about version of symbol struct_module

uhci_hcd: disagrees about version of symbol struct_module


After giving up on trying to find out what modules I needed to put in the
initrd I started looking for an alternative program for loadlin that can
mount the original initrd and found

Tiny.exe => http://sourceforge.net/projects/gujin/

Used that with the following command : tiny.exe linux initrd root=/dev/ram0
ramdisk_size=65536 init=/linuxrc

Error message : Kernel panic: No init found. Try passing init= option to

linld.com =>

Used that with the followinc command : linld.com image=linux initrd=initrd

nld.par includes : ramdisk_size=65536 install=hd://suse/nld/cd1

Error message : -1 Invalid module format for every module it wants to load.

Hope someone can help me out :-(


Dennis Peere