Re: 10.0 Looks good

From: Vahis (
Date: 10/20/05

Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 08:25:38 +0300

ANC wrote:
> Patrick Grimbergen wrote:
>> ANC wrote:
>>>> Then software wise they are two problems.
>>> Have you tried to open a .pdf link in FireFox?
>> Use Konqueror, it's the better browser anyway... and it displays via KPDF
> I appreciate that, but some of us must have the form-fill-in feature on PDF
> files that ONLY Adobe Reader 7.0 has. Prime example: IRS tax forms.
> For some reason (and I've tried everything I can think of) acroread 7 and FF
> 1.07 just does not work me us. We're going to take a look at CentOS instead
> of Suse for a cluster we have that needs a stable system.
> Al

There must be some particular reason for this problem in your system.
It can not only be in Acroread/Firefox/Suse -combo.
I found this same thing and made the corrections mentioned it this
thread and everything started working.
I can now open and fill forms.

So we know that pdf files can be opened in Suse/Firefox/Acrored.

There are issues in general with pdf files, too. Same kind as IE showing
pages "correctly looking" while others show them "wrong looking" or not
at all.

OpenOffice can export pdf from the same files on different platforms in
ways that they either show normally or then they just give you an error
and do not open.

In your particular case I do not know where the problem is, sorry for
that. But in general: Since I have been using Suse 9.3 for a long time
and everything works neatly I will keep it going for another maybe year
or so. It'll be supported for another year and a half, I think.
I have 10.0 on one machine which I use daily for anything I come up
with, but all my important data is on an NFS share on 9.3 machine. This
goes with Windozes, too. They have their Samba homes on that 9.3 machine.

I am also running 10.1 Alpha 1 and I am looking forward to do deltas on
it perhaps today if they come out as they should. That is Alpha 2. All
this is just beacause of my general interest.

Whatever you come up with, when that then works, do not change distro or
upgrade it before you test it in everything what you do with it. It's
often so that when you get something solved there is another issue
somewhere else.

Serious business might mean buying solutions with support for, say, 5
years instead of upgrading every time there is a new version available.

I try not to fix anything unless it is broken. In principal
Suse/Firefox/Acroread/pdf is working. But yours is broken. Hopefully you
get it fixed with the aid of someone more knowledgeable. When you then
do, stick to that for a good while.